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With an in-depth knowledge of schools in the borough, we provide detailed analysis of pupil demographics, attainment and progress. We want to support you in continuing school improvement by providing ...

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2,3,4! Newsletter - April 2020
01 May
A monthly newsletter for providers of funded early education entitlements.
School Joint Working Survey COVID-19 (To be completed by Wednesday 1st April)
01 Apr
Dear Colleagues In the context of as many schools as possible remaining open, where this is not possible, the local authority expects schools to work together to broker arrangements at an alternative provision for any of your parents/carers requiring childcare. Importantly, the responsibility for your children remains with you and you will need to be clear about the safeguarding arrangements for any children attending other schools. In order to limit the number of journeys made, it is also an expectation that, wherever possible, the children of school staff will be cared for at the school where the parent/carer works, rather than where the children are on roll. Please find below the survey questions referred to in yesterday’s daily communication. Please respond by close of play tomorrow (Wednesday 1 April.) Link to School Joint Working Survey : https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/SchoolJointWorkingSurvey-COVID-19 Free School Meals Update DfE has issued updated guidance this morning on free school meals vouchers. We are making enquiries about the operation of this scheme, including whether schools can continue to use alternative voucher providers such as Wonde, and will provide an update in this afternoon’s daily newsletter. Best Wishes Sue Imbriano Interim Director of Education
U-Explore Start's Home-Learning Career Activities
01 Apr
School Careers Leaders may find the attached information useful for targeted careers learning activities for their students Activities are free to access and students don’t need to have used Start before - they can login with an existing account or quickly create one as they get started. The links below will take you to the activities and there is also a pack of downloadable resources such as a student guide to the activities and information to help schools communicate with parents. Activities can be found here > www.startprofile.com/homelearning Downloadable resources can be found here > https://www.startprofile.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/Home-Learning-Activities.zip Schools who already use the U-Explore Start reporting package will be able to track students' progress through the activities - for schools that don't, U-Explore are offering a slimmed down reporting package specifically for the purpose of mapping progress on these home-learning activities. For more information, please contact Jenna Nicholls jenna.nicholls@u-explore.com U-Explore Education Account Manager - London
2,3,4! Newsletter - Coronavirus special.
01 Apr
Update for providers of funded early education entitlements.
Newham Transition Project - English & Maths Home Learning for Y6 & Y7 students
24 Mar
The core team have agreed that the Newham transition project will be suspended until September. They would like to thank you all for your participation and support with the project this year and look forward to working with you in the next academic year. Attached are the links to the Maths and English transition work, which may be useful when setting home learning for Year 6 and 7 students over the next few weeks. You may need to adjust the format of the lessons for students as the units were designed for teachers to deliver. If you have any questions about the units please do get in touch with Hasifah Choudhary (h.choudhury@littleilford.org) or Amandip Kandola (a.kandola@littleilford.org) KS2 English Transition Unit KS3 Transition Units Click here for the Maths unit downloads http://www.newhamconnect.uk/Article/71407