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'Schools Like Yours' - new tool from FFT Education Datalab

FFT Education Datalab has created a new, online tool to help you find schools similar to yours - where you define what similar means.


Want to compare your performance to that of schools with similar intakes? Other schools within a certain distance of yours? Other Catholic schools? Other junior schools? Other schools with a similar level of income? A similar level of staffing costs? A similar level of absence? All of these together?


The aim of 'Schools Like Yours' is to support the use of data analysis for school improvement. It is currently available for mainstream key stage 2 and key stage 4 schools, and contains data on KS2 and KS4 performance, absence, finance, workforce, Ofsted ratings and pupil and school characteristics.


'Schools Like Yours' is available publicly, and would be an excellent resource for governing bodies as they consider their performance against other similar schools.


You can find the 'Schools Like Yours' website here.

11 Mar 2019

Huw Jones
Educational Data Service
Contact Provider