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Carers Week (10 - 16 June 2019) *14 June 2019 12-2pm Stratford Town Hall

                                                 Carers Week Monday 10 to Sunday 16 June 2019

                                                         *Friday 14 June 2019, 12-2pm

                                                                 Stratford Town Hall

Getting carers connected in their communities.

Drop-in and learn about all the activities that are available across the Community Neighbourhoods in Newham.

You will get to meet Carers FIRST: the new Provider of the Integrated Carers Support Service and the opportunity 
to take part in taster sessions as well as meet Providers of Health, Social and Wellbeing services among others.

There will be a number of providers available to offer information and advice on a variety of topics of interest to carers and those they care for.  

Lunch provided.

For more information, call 020 3373 9788 or email

06 Jun 2019

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