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English and Maths Transition Project Report 18-19 and KS2 Transition Units update

For details of the English and Maths Transition Project report findings 18 -19 and focus for next year see the attached document. 


KS2 Transition Units update

Many thanks to all the Year 6 teachers for delivering the KS2 transition units and for sending the work with the students on Transition Day. Thank you to everyone who attended the meeting and for your participation in the Transition Project this year. I have attached the Transition Report evaluating the impact of this year and a link to the video created by Olivea, from St Antony's, reflecting upon the project so far. Certificates are ready to distribute to all schools who have participated. 
If your primary students still have their transition books, could we ask that these are please dropped to the secondary school before the summer break. Secondary colleagues, could you please ensure your school office is aware of the books and accept them! If you have any feedback for either English or Maths, please do let us know.

FAO English teachers: please see a message from Vivien, Cumberland School below.

When I was writing new Schemes of Learning for last year, I wanted to know what books my Year 7's had read in their primary schools. We have started to compile a list of books that are read in Year 6 and at the meeting yesterday, the primary school representatives indicated that the would like to know what books are being read in Year 7.Please could you send me a list of books being read in your school (Year 6 and Year 7) with your name, your school and your contact details. I will then add this information to our list and it will be circulated to all schools.

Next year we are hoping to focus on the following:

1. Involving The Brilliant Club in the transition project

2. English and Maths to have a CPD focus

3. Science transition focus

Amandip Kandola
English KS3 Coordinator

10 Jul 2019

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