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Signs4Life - deaf awareness and sign language workshops in Newham

10-week accredited BSL program                                                    Guided learning hours – 30 hours

This accredited course is designed to provide a nationally accredited unit of BSL skills for educators, who work with young people and students, who may be Deaf or hearing impaired. Deaf student’s experience of communication when they interface with teachers and support staff can often be disappointing. Staff need to be aware of the isolation and frustration many Deaf students experience in their dealings with the various services that make up further and higher education.

For more information, and details of 6-week non-accredited BSL program Guided learning hours – 18 hours, Deaf
awareness and sign language workshop Guided learning hours – 3 hours


Click here for the flyer, and go to http://www.signs4life.org/

11 Jul 2019

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