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Key stage 2 September checking exercise data now available on Perspective Lite


The DfE has finally released key stage 2 September checking exercise data to local authorities. To celebrate this momentous occasion we have uploaded it all to Perspective Lite, where you can explore the data and compare your school's performance with the Newham average..


We have removed any pupils that you've identified to us as appropriate for discounting, so what you'll see is as close to the final set of results as we can make it.



 What you need to do



Login to Perspective Lite, then select "Reports (Nova) - -> any key stage 2 report ('KS2 on a page' is a good place to start). Before yoiu run the report, make sure that you select 'From AAT' as the data source (see attached image).



If you run the 'KS2 on a page' report you can quickly compare your attainment and progress with Newham overall, and then can select other filters from the list on the right-hand-side.






10 Sep 2019

Huw Jones
Educational Data Service
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