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The Early Notification process in Newham

As you may know we have introduced an Early Notification process in Newham, this is to fulfil our statutory duty to receive early notifications from health services regarding children who are under statutory school age who has, or probably has a special educational need. We are also inviting other professionals working with families to notify the local authority of children below statutory school age who have special educational needs.

To bring a child or young person with SEN to the attention of the local authority, please follow the link to complete the online version of the form Early Notification Newham or complete a paper copy of the Early Notification Form and send it to earlynotification@newham.gov.uk . This is a secure email account from nhs.net emails and local authority emails if you do not have a secure email address please use the online form. Copies can also be down loaded from the local offer website.

Following an early notification children will be discussed at the single point of access panel meeting and families will be emailed to provide information or to offer a service. Please attach copies of reports and any other relevant information to support the decision making process (max of two documents can be attached to the electronic form so please provide those most relevant).

Information for parents/ carers regarding this process is currently being developed (with parents) and will be shared via email and the local offer website once completed.

Please note that access to early year’s services provided by the local authority and the allocation of Special Educational Needs Inclusion Funding (SENIF) will be via an Early Notification and the Single Point of Access (SPA) panel.

If you have any questions please email earlynotification@newham.gov.uk

09 Oct 2019

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