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KS2 & KS3 Maths Transition Units and KS2 English Transition Unit

Find attached both the primary and secondary maths units of work.

The primary units of work covers multiplication (‘Multiplication’ and ‘Multiplication lesson’), factors (‘Newham Lesson on Factors final’) and multiples (‘Newham Transition Mathematics Proforma MULTIPLES’). Year 6 teachers are free to choose the topic that they would like their class to do and students can answer the questions from the pack or teachers can use their own resources around the topics. The units have been planned to challenge the most able, so students should be pushed but it is not an expectation that all students complete all the work set. Furthermore, if schools wish to carry out their own mathematical investigations alongside the work set, they are free to do so.

The secondary units of work covers fractions and multiplication (‘Unit A lessons for maths transition – Fractions' and 'Unit A lessons for maths transition – Multiplication’), an algebra investigation (‘Unit B Transitional Primary to Secondary (Investigation – Algebra Unit)’) and a sequences investigation (‘Unit C – Mathematics Investigation Teacher Notes’ and ‘Unit C – Mathematics Investigation Teacher PowerPoint’). This unit of work is to be covered by secondary school teachers in September. Again, teachers do not have to stick to the lessons attached, they are free to use their own resources and carry out their own investigations. 


KS2 English Transition Unit


This SOL is designed to introduce Year 6 students to a variety of Shakespeare plays, analyse character and theme and write creatively. The Shakespeare lessons have taken into consideration where the highest attaining students should be at GCSE and we have rooted some of these skills into the SOL. The lesson outline, PPTs, assessments and resources are all available to download via the following link. Please do forward the links onto your department/class teachers.

There are a variety of suggested literacy interventions in the lessons. This is not a prescriptive document - please use and apply strategies to whichever lessons/extracts you would like to teach. If you are already teaching another text, please continue using it and kindly send some of this work to the secondary schools. We would like the secondary schools to receive at least three pieces of work:

1. Descriptive/Narrative

2. Character analysis

3. Thematic analysis

The students must take the completed work to their secondary school on transition day. The authority will reimburse your school for the costs of exercise books. If you or your colleagues have any questions regarding the lessons or outcome of the SOL, please get in touch.

Amandip Kandola

English KS3 Coordinator

Transition Leader of Literacy