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Newham Transition Project - English & Maths Home Learning for Y6 & Y7 students

The core team have agreed that the Newham transition project will be suspended until September. They would like to thank you all for your participation and support with the project this year and look forward to working with you in the next academic year.

Attached are the links to the Maths and English transition work, which may be useful when setting home learning for Year 6 and 7 students over the next few weeks. You may need to adjust the format of the lessons for students as the units were designed for teachers to deliver. If you have any questions about the units please do get in touch with Hasifah Choudhary (h.choudhury@littleilford.org) or Amandip Kandola (a.kandola@littleilford.org)

KS2 English Transition Unit 

KS3 Transition Units   

Click here for the Maths unit downloads http://www.newhamconnect.uk/Article/71407


24 Mar 2020

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